Theory of everything from a quantum standpoint.


The theory of everything is the most desirable and seductive theory. Indeed, someone came to the exchange, substituted some data in the fundamental formula and won a certain amount. Someone got a pimple on his nose, he calculated the formula with different initial data and it’s ready - the required ointment is output. Treat yourself to health.

And to see how the electron works, why cancer of something arose, to build a quantum computer, how to balance the needs of humanity and the capabilities of nature, and much more, these are just trifles for this theory. And such a theory, after watching some videos on You tube, seems to be almost there, but it cannot yet be put into circulation, since it does not explain something there, in black holes. It cannot be used as a drug that has not passed the test.

The entire scientific community interprets the theory of everything as a hypothetically unified physical and mathematical theory that describes all known fundamental interactions. There are 4 types of interactions so far: strong, weak, electromagnetic and gravitational. The first 3 interactions were combined by some tweaks. But this combination takes place at temperatures of 1028K.

And such temperatures were in the distant past. Or some believe that such a union can occur at sizes less than Planck's 10-31, that is, if the particles have come close to such a distance, then you cannot figure out what kind of interaction is currently taking place between them.

It would seem that if you add gravitational forces to these three interactions, all 4 interactions are combined. Indeed, maybe particles that come close to the Planck distance are gravitationally attracted? But it was not there. According to general relativity, gravity is a curved space-time, and it is smoothly curved.

And at Planck distances, according to quantum mechanics, nothing is smooth. Chaos is raging there. Electron-positron pairs are continuously decaying and annihilating, that is, large energy bursts appear and disappear, impulses, energy and positions of particles change unpredictably. Heisenberg told us about all this.

And what formulas can describe the movement of the body along these bumps and potholes that suddenly appear and disappear? What kind of unification can there be between these forces? You are developing some kind of medicine and you need to combine two atoms. Since you have only four interactions, then the atoms must combine using one of these interactions. The question is: what kind of interaction works in this case? Strong in the core, weak, some kind of specific, electromagnetic, according to Lebedev, presses, repels, and does not attract.

The gravitational one remains, but it does not work at short distances. The electron of one atom approaches the electron of another atom in order to form a covalent bond, and here, out of nowhere, an electron from the electron-positron pair appears and disrupts this movement for the completion of a chemical reaction. You cannot describe this with any formulas. How can we find the formula for everything?

Such troubles arise in various theories, in particular the Standard Model, due to the fact that they describe only point objects. Such objects in the microcosm are shaken like on a vibration stand. They fall into any potential hole, and all these drawings with potential holes and barriers that professors draw on blackboards in front of students turn out to be toys in front of reality.

How are irregularities dealt with in practice? Increase the size of the wheels, then the irregularities are partially leveled.

In mathematics, this manifested itself in the form of elongated objects, which were called strings. Long objects do not feel small irregularities, just as the sole of a shoe does not feel fine gravel underfoot, which cannot be said about a bare foot. Of course, all these irregularities have not disappeared anywhere, but you can simply ignore them and walk in boots.

Such “soles” in the form of strings also appeared in mathematics. But the trouble arose from where it was not expected. Mathematicians zealously took up these theories (this happened at the end of the 20th century) and immediately 5 theories appeared that tried to describe the universe using strings.

But to the great regret of the layman, scientists mathematicians did not try to give their mathematical models a physical meaning, and all efforts were directed to unite 5 string theories. There could not be 5 truths about the same phenomenon. How many calories did this Sisyphean labor burn, neither to tell, nor to describe with a pen.

But in the end, there was a genius of string theory, Witten, who used supersymmetry, mirror symmetry, added the concept of duality, introduced the 11th dimension and built an M-theory in which he combined all these theories into one. All six theories, passing one into the other through certain general connections, formed a vicious circle with six protrusions in the form of peninsulas.

Each of the peninsulas has its own formulas, but there is something in common with other peninsulas and you can move from one peninsula to another, and go deeper into the mainland, although it has not yet been fully explored. And it has not been explored for the reason that very heavy strings are located in this area, that is, strings with large masses. This means that these are particles that are much heavier than a proton. They have not yet been discovered, and it is difficult to detect them due to their high energy.

When we build a collider of incredible power, find these particles, they are also called super partners, every particle we know must have (according to string theory) a super partner, and we describe these particles with mathematical formulas, then this will be the theory of “everything”.

Another thing that superpartners are good at is not only that they exist in every particle, but also because they also fluctuate just out of phase with this particle. Let's say a quark wants to change its momentum, but the superpartner will immediately slow it down. Say, do not bring chaos, otherwise general relativity will not work.

And another interesting phenomenon was proposed by this theory, which claims to be a theory of "everything." She discovered that there is a graviton, a particle that carries, carries out gravitational interaction. And this is absolutely true, but she immediately managed to ruin everything, because this graviton turned out to be massless for her. Of course, it is absolutely impossible to imagine how a body without mass can attract or repel massive bodies from itself. The main thing is that all these kunshtuk are confirmed by strict mathematical calculations from serious people.

So the choice is yours: if you want to believe in general relativity, or if you want to believe in graviton. Both are supported by mathematics. If you build a model of the gravitational interaction between bitter and sweet, then we, physicists and mathematicians, will confirm this with formulas.

This is approximately how modern science views the theory of “everything”.

I propose to somewhat simplify the state of affairs and turn to what we observe ourselves here and now.

We eat every day, maybe not all of us, but most of us are for sure, and no one knows what happens inside of us as a result of this act. If the “theory of everything” told us about this, then we would know what we can and cannot, when and how much to eat, and so on, and as a consequence, it would be so that we would not have no gastritis, no colitis, no ulcers, no cancer, no hypertension, no other troubles.

It is problematic to create a living thing alone, but together it turns out easily. We see, sometimes we do, but what happens in this case, we do not understand or, more precisely, we do not understand everything.

We look at the cracked glass and see how some elongated rays of various lengths fly away from the crack. They are not organized in any way, their appearance changes chaotically in time and from the angle of view on them. You don't need to build powerful accelerators, expensive LIGOs, supersensitive telescopes and much more to understand what is happening before our eyes. But now almost no one understands this.

And such a seemingly simple thing as a burning fire. Mankind has been using bonfires since time immemorial. I take it upon myself to argue with any academician that he does not know why the fire flares up. You brought a burning match to the firewood of the fire and got a huge flame. What physical processes are taking place at the same time, the academician who writes great formulas about black holes has not the slightest idea. And this is directly related to his black holes.

Well, he will tell you that oxidative reactions take place, oxygen reacts with carbon, heat is released, which catalyzes the next chemical reaction and so the fire flares up and the like. But he doesn't know what happens to oxygen and carbon.

A little higher, I said that we all eat, but what happens during this, we do not know. Of course, we know that at first we somehow cooked food, put it in our mouth, chewed it, swallowed it, and the stomach processed our food, which entered the bloodstream and spread to all the cells of the body. Of course, this is the same certain knowledge, but try, relying on this, to avoid the occurrence or the possibility of treatment of the diseases, which were mentioned just above. Quite problematic. The level of knowledge, when the academician tells about the kindling of a fire and eating, is the same. Something can be learned from these explanations, but this is not enough.

A bonfire is a complicated matter, but a laser is a man-made thing and, it would seem, everything is known about it. A laser is a light amplifier. But here's an incident. A green light is supplied to the input of the laser and, in theory, it should be amplified, it is amplified, but at the output, for some reason, a red beam is obtained. And this metamorphosis cannot be explained by any scientist. Rather, they explain, but akin to the above example.

This is because all scientists are at the atomic level of knowledge. They have penetrated a little deeper into cognition than the atom: to particles (protons, electrons, neutrons, quarks, etc.), but this is only a few orders of magnitude lower than the atom, and the next level from the atomic level is 20 orders of magnitude lower. This level is quantum or photonic. A photon relates to an atom, approximately, in the same way as atoms relate to the macrocosm.

Scientists talk a lot about quantum levels, jumps, states, computers and much more, but no one knows what a quantum or a photon is. Something small, vague and generally incomprehensible to what. But without knowing what a quantum is, talking, for example, about a quantum computer is meaningless.

If you fully understand what a quantum is, you will immediately see the alphabet of nature and you will read everything else without difficulty.

Anyone who is even the slightest bit capable of thinking can do this procedure. To such I include everyone who believes in electromagnetic waves and imagines how they are portrayed and represented by modern physics. Usually this is an electric wave in the form of a sinusoid and a magnetic wave perpendicular to it, also in the form of a sinusoid, out of phase. And such a wave spreads in space in this way.

An electric wave induces a magnetic wave that moves forward, an advanced magnetic wave induces an electric wave of the opposite sign, and this wave induces, in turn, a magnetic wave of the opposite sign, and so on. And this whole structure moves at the speed of light. It was not me who invented it, but Maxwell. All this is confirmed by mathematics in the form of 4 equations. Maxwell, in developing his equations, in turn, relied on the experiments of Faraday and other scientists.

Now close your eyes and try to imagine this wave, for example, Richard Feynman failed, maybe you are lucky.

1. What is changing in this wave? If someone succeeded in this a little, he will say that the field strength changes along a sinusoid there and stop there. And another may be interested in: what is the tension between what and what? He will say: I know the tension between the terminals of the battery, the wires in the socket, the electrified body and the hand, etc. And in a vacuum, between what points is there tension?

2. And as soon as, as a result of long reflections and reading a mountain of literature, you reach the point that there is “something” between “something” and there is a certain amount of this something, then then you will have a second question. What space does this “something” occupy? Is that a sinusoidal line? If so, what is its width or thickness? Or is it represented as a flatness? Then the question arises: is there a thickness in this plane? And if so, which one?

When this chain of thoughts drives you into a dead end, then you, willingly not willingly, will have to admit that electromagnetic radiation occupies a certain volumetric space. And there it is no longer far from the length of this radiation, its quantization and the very quantum of energy, that is, the initial letter of ”everything” that we observe, including in the rays on the crack of the glass. Having understood all 8 letters, as you can see it in the corresponding articles, you will easily read physics, biology and everything else.

And if we learn to observe these quanta (letters), generate them, transmit them where necessary, then this will be the physical carrier of "everything", and not mathematical, but bodily, with which we can work. It will be possible to know exactly what can be eaten and what is harmful to health, we will find those photons that trigger the transcription of genes of those proteins that should not be in this tissue, for example, foreign tissues in the tissues of the lung or liver.

We will be able to launch into any tumor not a radioactive stream of particles, which destroys everything and everyone, but a specific stream of photons, which will destroy unwanted elements. We can always easily remove the weather dependence, find gravitons and learn how to control them. Yes, almost everything can be done if you master the quantum of energy. I want to clarify - not a quantum of iron, phosphorus, water, money or something else, but a quantum of energy.

If someone bothers to read my articles, he will easily find that no article is complete without the use of photons of energy - this is a collection of quanta. This applies to all phenomena of physics, biology and consciousness as an element of our "soul" or our "I" and everything else.

I am sure that a quantum of energy unites all the phenomena of our universe. He is present everywhere and always, and only by knowing him, you can subjugate these phenomena. But I am also sure that a person of this civilization will never do this seriously and will die from his ignorance, if some cataclysm does not destroy him.