What is short-range and long-range?

Science has got confused not only in objective natural phenomena, but even in subjective definitions. In particular, it is in no way possible to determine what is called long-range action and what is called short-range action. It is not surprising if humanity cannot understand the physical essence of some phenomena, but why such confusion in terms of long-range or short-range action? In essence, this is a contract, how to call this or that action. Any action bears either a sign of long-range action or a sign of short-range action. There is no third. It would seem that it is necessary to find this sign, and the question of long-range and short-range action will be resolved. Not here, it was. What did we have in the past and what do we have now? In the past, the definitions of these concepts were as follows. Content taken from Wikipedia.

1. Long-range action (direct action of bodies at a distance) meant that bodies act on each other without material intermediaries, through emptiness, at any distance. The speed of this long-range action is infinitely high. Long-range action is carried out according to certain rules.

2. Short-range (short-range) means that the interaction is transmitted with the help of some material intermediaries.

These definitions are not complete, contradictory. It is impossible to imagine any interaction without material intermediaries. To imagine that nothing somehow influences something is mysticism.

The astronaut (outside the ship) reached out a gloved hand and took the key moving next to him - is this short-range or long-range action?

-Direct action of bodies at a distance? Yes.

-Act each other without material intermediaries? Yes, if you count the suit and the key as bodies.

-Through the void? Yes.

-At any distance? No.

-With infinitely high speed? No.

The last points do not make it possible to say that this is a long-range action.

On the other hand, is the glove of the spacesuit a special material intermediary or not (quote 2)? If yes, then this is short-range action, and if not, then this is no action at all. What does this mean? Yes, about nothing, just absurdity about absurdity. Especially “ direct action of bodies at a distance ”.

How to remove these absurdities?

It's very simple. Remove mysticism and consider that everything in the world is material, including all interactions.

I took a stick in my hand and, holding it in my hand, knocked an apple from a branch of an apple tree. A continuous material chain has formed between my hand, stick and apple - this is close action .

I took a stick in my hand, threw it at the apple and knocked it off the branch. There are gaps in the material chain between my hand, stick and apple - this is action at a distance .

If we adhere to this agreement, then all misunderstandings in the interpretation of these processes disappear and many phenomena become clearer. For example, the same

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