On the discovery of gravitational waves

At the beginning of this year, there was a lot of hype about detecting gravitational waves emitted at some point in space.

After half a century of searching, gravitational waves have finally been discovered, oscillations of space-time itself, predicted by Einstein a hundred years ago. On September 14, 2015, the updated LIGO observatory recorded a gravitational wave burst generated by the merger of two distant black holes. Gravitational wave astronomy has become a full-fledged branch of physics; it opened up a new way for us to observe the Universe and will allow us to study the previously unavailable effects of strong gravity ”. This is the message I found on the net.

Now imagine the situation shown in the picture:

An expensive device LIGO is located on our Earth, which should record the arrival of distant, lovely to this device, gravitational waves, depicted in black.

But our red Sun does not sleep and every moment generates a flow of gravitational waves, so that our Earth does not go off course and is not lost in the boundless space.

And our mother Earth generates the same gravitational waves, so that neither we nor the expensive LIGO , God forbid, would fly into space. Moreover, these earth waves act on the recording element of the device, as well as other waves. As a last resort, this element will not be difficult to send to Earth.

So why does the device not register red and green waves, but registers black waves for a sweet soul? Even this device makes a sound. Earth waves are much stronger than solar waves, because we are attracted to the Earth, and not fly away to the Sun. That the waves from black holes are more powerful than those of the earth and the sun, and that is why we recorded them? No. The music played for about a second. During this time, people who were on the side of the Earth from the side of black holes should have become at least weightless, and people from the opposite side should have become at least 2g heavier.

I, for example, did not feel anything like that. Maybe he got somewhere in the middle or overslept. Those who have observed something like this can confidently believe the message of scientists.

Of course, we can say that a constant gravitational potential is observed from the Sun on our Earth, and not an alternating potential in the form of a wave, which is formed by black holes. To get alternating waves from the Sun, it is necessary for it to vibrate somehow or something in it to vibrate, that is, some part of the Sun to vibrate. Well, that's the way it is. The sun is annually, it approaches the Earth, then recedes. Accordingly, the picture of the interferometer should change, but for some reason they don't talk about it.

In addition, the interferometer every day, then approaches the Sun, then moves away from it due to the rotation of the Earth. This is also an alternating wave, albeit a weak one.

If this is not enough, then fix the daily fluctuations of the Moon's gravitational field. True, we already see it without LIGO by the ebb and flow of water. Moreover, if the water rises by 1 meter, this means that gravity changes the pressure by one tenth of the atmosphere. It seems that such pressure should somehow influence the arms of the interferometers. And then somehow it is not round: we see with our eyes, but the device does not see.

Besides, it's not clear what the black holes sent us? Or did you send some kind of substrate in the form of waves, or just the space vibrated near you, like a fly on a cobweb, and this space vibrated with our interferometer?

If this is a substrate, then how does it differ from solar or earth? And if these are vibrations, then why is their frequency close to sound? We know that the more massive the string, the less often it vibrates. Is it possible that when black holes merge, such energy is generated that, despite their enormous mass, it will shake them with a frequency of about 5 kilohertz? It is also necessary to move these holes 5 thousand times per second a few kilometers back and forth in order for the waves to be enough for the length of the shoulder. I can't believe it.

Why did it happen? What is it for? The LIGO project is allocated more than a third of a billion dollars annually. The project is becoming more and more popular, but I want even more. It all lies in this phrase:

Gravitational wave astronomy has become a full-fledged branch of physics; it opened up a new way for us to observe the Universe and will allow us to study the previously inaccessible effects of strong gravity ”.

It's time to ask for even more money. A third of a billion is not enough, the state is expanding. Our brains are there too.

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