Galvani's experience in quantum theory

Luigi Galvani performed the experiment with the frog's paw as early as 1771.

Here is an engraving depicting his laboratory in which he carried out his experiments. You see it depicts the legs of a frog, an electric machine, which may still be seen in physical rooms, and other devices.

Over the years, to date, mountains of articles have been written on this matter.

But what is written in these articles? Basically, the methodology of performing experiments and the purpose of these experiments are highlighted. The technique involved the use of various materials in experiments, their connection with various parts of the object under study, the choice of appropriate experimental conditions, and the like. The purpose of the experiments was to determine where the source of electricity itself is, then it was called fluids.

Galvani believed that this "living electricity" is in the paw itself, and, for example, Volta, a scientist no less famous at that time, believed that electricity was outside the paw. The foot simply served as a conduit for these fluids. Undoubtedly, this is a very important issue and it was necessary to solve it. As you know, he decided in favor of Volta.

Everyone. On this, the scientific world calmed down and there were no further attempts to extract from this experience something useful, suitable for use at the present time. Nowhere have I come across a single article in which any researcher relied on Galvani's experience as a necessary provision confirming the thoughts of this scientist. For such a scientist, this experience seems insignificant, confirming little in his thoughts. Such a scientist would better refer to Schrodinger, Bohr, and the like. At least it's more profitable.

In fact, in Galvani's experience, the main operating object is an electric machine. It was she who, standing to the side and not touching the paw, made the paw muscle contract. It is a pity that Galvani himself did not give this phenomenon the proper attention. To the greatest surprise and regret, no one has yet paid or is paying proper attention to this phenomenon. It seems that the scientific world is simply unable to understand this phenomenon. It should be noted that this is not the only such phenomenon. The trouble is with Jung's experience, and false conclusions from the experience of Kaufman, and others.

What could happen if Galvani (or a modern influential scientist) paid attention to this phenomenon and began to search: what is it in the stream of something from a spark of a machine or lightning that reached the foot and made it shrink? And, suppose that this is something he managed to find. What would this give humanity?

Well, the simplest thing is that there would be no need for wires to the heart from a pacemaker, which would be much smaller than a modern pacemaker. Finally, we would have dealt with viruses and immunity. Medicines would not be selected blindly, as now: we synthesize, and then test on animals and volunteers, and the selection would go directly with the measurement of suitability.

And there is nothing to say about physics. We would quickly deal with gravity, we would be engaged in a truly quantum computer, we could seriously talk about artificial intelligence, about the synthesis of atoms and much more.

But everything is so simple. Well, what can fly to a paw from a spark or lightning? Everyone knows that this is light, otherwise the flow of various photons. Find among this stream the photon of exactly the energy that set the paw in motion, and that's it. Generate approximately the same photons for the heart, and it will beat even outside a person. But we are not looking for these photons, just as we are not looking for photons of gravity, photons of inertia. And the bad thing is not that we are not looking for them, but that we do not understand that we need to look for them. We do not know how to tie them to these phenomena. We don't really need them.

Alas, in those distant times, the basis of being was the honor of a scientist, and now the scientist is ruled by a golden calf. And only fear can defeat the golden calf. Currently, no billionaire will invest in science. He'd rather buy some sports club and his intellectual abilities will be satisfied

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