Law of energy conservation. Quantum level

Everyone knows that there is a law of conservation of energy, but absolutely no one knows what exactly is preserved in this case. If someone talks about the law of conservation of energy, then he begins a story about the types of energy: potential, kinetic, thermal, and so on. And as usual the formulas of the types of energy are given:

Then talks about the transformation of one type of energy into another. Provides formulas for calculating the types of energy and the transition of the amount of energy from one type to another. But what exactly is hidden behind the word energy? What kind of physical object, this word - "energy", presents? Well, it cannot present a number, as, for example, in one of the models Richard Feynman considers in his lectures "Volume 1. Chapter 4. Energy saving. What is energy " .

“Its name is energy conservation. He claims that there is a certain quantity called energy, which does not change during any transformations that take place in nature. This statement itself is very, very abstract; it is essentially a mathematical principle stating that there is some numerical value that does not change under any circumstances. This is by no means a description of the mechanism of a phenomenon or something specific, it is simply noted that a strange circumstance is noted that you can count some number and then calmly watch how nature will throw out any of its tricks, and then again calculate this number - and it will remain the same. ”

And really, why not a number? After all, the electric meter in our apartment shows exactly the number, and not the pile of any substrate, which is called energy. No counter shows a pile to our surprise. If I say the number 5, it means nothing, but if I say 5 apples, then I will see or, more precisely, imagine 5 apples that I pick from the apple tree, buy, maybe eat or have already eaten, and so on. It is the same with energy: if the meter shows 10 kilowatts, it means that something physical was consumed (eaten) by an electric light bulb, electric iron, coffee maker or something else. And it turned, or rather passed as an invariant, from one type of electromagnetic energy, into another type of energy, also electromagnetic light, or a thermal form of energy in an iron, or into thermal energy of coffee and partially the potential energy of steam. What is the physical substrate that "got out" from our sockets and distributed among the devices?

The only substrate "comes out" from the socket is electric current . And what does it seem to be? Only one - the flux of photons, that is, the displacement current, which is transmitted by the conduction current. Electrons just relay photons . A photon, as far as I know, it is possible that it will soon become clear to others, consists of quanta. A quantum is such a material particle of nature, which has the property of independent movement. All other motions, including ours, are derived from the motion of a quantum. There would be no movement of the quantum, there would be not only movements, but there would be no us either. So, how many quanta "come out" of the socket, so many quanta will be distributed over our devices, such a number will be shown to us by the counter. And these quanta will not go anywhere, will not disappear in any way, but will turn into light, heat, steam, which can do some work, and so on.

Here is the law of conservation of energy and asserts that energy in the form of photons (quanta) does not disappear anywhere and does not appear from nothing, it simply exists, like matter, eternally and simply passes from one form to another .

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